Feb 5, 2011


I was watching Van Helsing last night,and it was epic! I already watched it,maybe nearly six years ago since the movie came out on 2004.The final battle between vampire and warewolf was magnificent.It was nothing like slow motion battle Edward Cullen vs Jacob Black on Twilight Saga<--that was a piece of shit.

Now,I get it,why people were suffering a nonsense disease such "vampire fever".If I could be one of them,most probably I would pick,okay maybe vampire.Let me tell you why.

First of all,vampires seem to have a hyper fangs,especially when they were about to suck their prey's blood.If you notice,they lengthens their fangs when they get angry.It's not that warewolves don't have fangs,but I just think that vampires are way more cooler with it.

Second,they have wings,so they can fly! We all don't know how it feels when we are flying but just admit it,who doesn't want to have a pair of wings like an angel? Who doesn't want to fly way up to the sky?

Third,they are charming.I think they have lyrical souls,or maybe they were literature lovers.All of them were so romantic! Have you watch Interview With The Vampire,or maybe The Vampire Diaries? I love it when they were normal like other people,but they turned into creepy fugly monster when they were intimidated.

I love mostly vampire movies,and again,Twilight is the only exception.


.fadzmie.met. said...

all vampires in Twilight are pieces of sh*t, coz they didn't have wings (which is not cool for me). LOL.

Kehoe Cheong said...

Vampires of Twilight were all trash! They weren't even close to real at all.Eventhough I'm not sure of vampire's existence,I'd still consider them as failure!

Nej Jalidar said...

vampires DON'T SPARKLES. therefore Edward & the Cullens and those others sparkly thingies prancing in Twilight are not vampires.

Kehoe Cheong said...

I've told you,that they were fake vampires! ahahaha

eleezarocket said...
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eleezarocket said...

I still remember. I was EIGHT YEARS OLD when I saw Van Helsing. Im not lying :) It has became one my all-time favourite movie. But, when twilight came out and it become so hit that i even think of this :-

a) Dont they ever heard about van helsing before?
b) Dont they know who's Hugh Jackman is?

Kehoe Cheong said...

a) They didn't watch Van Helsing because they were busy sucking their mom's breast milk,that's what an EIGHT years old girl supposed to do.

b) They were busy breast-feeded by their mom,so they missed their fucking chance to see the real hot vampire hunter,like Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale.

What a waste.