May 15, 2011


After my love life turned out to be the shittiest thing ever,I was a little bit afraid.Yes,I'm afraid if history will repeat itself.Apparently,I don't want to go through the same pattern of sufferings all over again,I'm tired.It's sickening when in your mind,you're just about want to kill someone really bad.

I know it's better for me to move on,find other girls and making out some but I am not that type of guy seriously.Flirtations and sexual intercourses are so not my things.Well,all I can say is I might look like naive,but I'm just nice and stupid actually.

That's the bloody why I was so upset when the someone I loved turned out into something they said they would never be.All I need is honesty and you don't have to lie a thing about it because you might look like a shmuck when I found out the truth.

Grudge and revenge are wasteful acts.Every dog has its day but don't forget what goes around comes around.However,when it comes to this,all we need is patience,right?

Finally,I think I am completely ready for a new relationship! Never get such feeling before,I managed to free myself from my worstest nightmare! YEAY!

By the way,in case if you don't know,shmuck means dickhead in Hebrew.I learned it from The Nanny.


Tyra Vader said...

cheers for a brand new love story .

Kehoe Cheong said...

Tyra Vader.Thank you so much,really appreciate it.

AimanAriffin said...

HAHA ure funny abt the Shmuck. Anyways. You got that right bro. Revenge is a waste of time and its not ur job to do it. Karma isnt a bitch, the person who hurt u is. Lols

Stand tall and be strong okay! :)

Hajar Ahmad said...

Omg you watch The Nanny? LOL. haha, you'll find her someday, all of us will.

Kehoe Cheong said...

Hajar Ahmad.Yeah,The Nanny used to be my favorite sitcom.I haven't watch any sitcom other than The Nanny..and All That!