May 26, 2011


Hello friends.

First of all,I just want to tell you that I'm not in a good mood.Why? Okay,I just viewed several heartless videos made by teenagers of our beloved country.I was a little bit shocked! Who doesn't? To see young girls bullying and fighting,then posting videos on YouTube makes you wonder how could they did such things.
This is bullshit.Completely bullshit.This have been in Chinese newspaper headlines like more than 10 times I guess.That's mean it was a really big issue.It's really saddening to watch the bullied girl.She was crying like a cow but no one lend even a hand for help? Besides,they were also cut her hair off! How it feels like,when someone punch and slap you in the face,then they cut your hair off? I wish I could send the bullied girl to WWE for training,so she could just Powerbomb those sluts!

This is asshole.Alright,I got it if the girl was caught stealing but that doesn't mean they can kick her head over and over again.Head is the most sensitive part of human physical,just kick her ass would be enough.Please act nicely lah girls,she's one of your kind also what.

This is normal.You know what I mean right? Bitchfighting afterschool is used to be something common in my school back then.But,they should know that violence ain't going to solve anything,it is only adding continuing elements of dissatisfaction towards each others.I wonder if fighting is still relevant since girls were trying so hard to be like Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl nowadays.Ohh,those bitches didn't watch tv! They were busy having sex with their boyfriends on motorcycles!

Where is your sense of humanity? What is your right to hurt other people? Where did you learned all this from? Have your mother teaches you nothing? Did your father fed you with dog's shit? Imagine if someone would do the same thing to you,and that time please don't ever ask why!

I wish I could prevent all this from happened.Please somebody,make it stop.It's not cool okay! I know it is not my problem but aren't you guys own a heart? I was so worried to see youngsters these days since I have two sisters who are still high school.Try to touch them,if you want my feet get down to your throat!


Nyna Roxford said...

We have a group in Fb if you'd like to voice out and help create awareness in an effort to stop hurting living things if you'd like..

And this is not an ad or spam. haha We can't change the world overnight, but we can make a big difference together. :)

Fe Njman said...

Great man, Yr sisters are lucky to have you.By the way, sometime their parents know nothing about what are they've been doing. Dont just put the blame on parents, man. Yeah, maybe some of them didnt teach their children manners , and good moral values.Some only.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should read this posting :)

Kehoe Cheong said...

Nyna Roxford.Already liked.What a great effort of you.I hate seeing people being cruel to living things seriously.They are getting so heartless these days.

Fe Njman.I don't know how to day this actually.Parents play major responsibilities in the development of character building.You've got what I mean,right?

Atheena razali.Thank you Atheena!

Kiraa Zee said...

Fighting and winning? Then got the title? However they will die someday.

Ayyman Rahim said...

Sampai sekarang aku tak faham apa yang dapat dengan gaduh fizikal tumbuk menumbuk semua. Habis gaduh, dok dendam, lepastu pihak lagi satu datang gaduh balik, pastu dok hidup dalam kitaran tu je la. Ada orang memang naluri jenis suka bergaduh, sivik takda.