May 13, 2011


Firstly,I thought it was a stereotypical American teenage drama.You know,where you can see quaterback player dating prom queen,bitchfight,backstabbing and sex in the toilet scenes.I wonder why it became an instant sensation in United States since 2009.Then,I started to watch it and finally I've got the answer.Yes,it is phenomenal! It is nothing like The OC,One Tree Hill or The Secret Life of American Teenager.It is way more realistic.

Not just the songs,but the plot and storyline were told perfectly,in an exciting way! Okay,some of you might getting bored of the spotlight seeker like Will Shuester or motherfucking wicked Sue Sylvester or maybe an extremely annoying human being like Rachel Berry,but I'm pretty sure that Glee is more than that,right?

Starred by variety of characters might be Glee's strength.There are so many interesting people on Glee,right? They got diva Mercedes,wheelchair worrior Artie,sexy Santana,Sam which is the Angelina Jolie guy,gay Kurt and his Werblers gayfriends and so much more.If you ask me,which one is my favorite character,I would say....

She's not a main stars of the Glee obviously,she played only a small role but I really like her.She's sexy,beautiful and dropdead stupid.If you're watching,you might know how stupid she is.I love the Britney Spears episodes where Brittany got the spotlight as she sang all the Britney's top hit songs! She nailed it all,especially I'm A Slave 4 U.Besides,I don't know that she's freaking talented when it comes to dancing,she really can move and shake that thang!

I used to adore Quinn actually,it's just Brittany caught my eyes more.She kind of reminds me of Psyduck,you know who he is?


Ahmad Luqman said...

lol Brittany. she doesn't talk much but the very few things she says are just priceless. I'm admiring Quinn too, despite her being a bitch for the most part. and who isn't turned on by Santana? but I think my favourite character is Sue Sylvester. and I dislike Kurt.

Ayyman Rahim said...

I love Rachel. Hahahaha

Kehoe Cheong said...

Ahmad Luqman.Sue Sylvester is the real definition of effort! I personally don't think Quinn is a bitch,but Santana is.

Ayyman Rahim.Wow,Rachel is annoying.

picasonthewall said...

i love Puck . dont ask why ! i mean who doesnt ?
ok , first off because he's so hot and i love his mohawk hair ,
secondly bcos he's a criminal and a rebel . so cute . ok i hate Rachel too !

Kehoe Cheong said...

Picasaonthewall.I love when they were pairing up Puck and Quinn,the perfect two!