Oct 20, 2011


Why do you people think French accent is sexy? There is too many vibration pitch,which I think it makes your throat itch.Well,I don't know,maybe media plays a main role when they signified French is a language of love as Romeo and Juliet themselves are French!

I do think that people talk with Russian accent is a major turn on! It's sexy,way more sexier than French I guess.The way they pronounce every word is cute,it sounds continuous with the frequent usage of letter 'V' but that is where the sexiness takes part.

I really have no idea where the hell of this kind of sexy language thing came from,does it really matters anyway? I think because this girl below.

Katarzyna Dolinska
By saying her name,you can tell how super-sexy she is and how mighty-sexy her accent would be.


Eleeza Rocket said...

Sorry bro, but Japanesse and English accent are much sexier. Peace! n_nV

Syafiq Muhamad Full said...


Kehoe Cheong said...

Eleeza Rocket.Yeah,English is sexy too,especially accent that have been used by Abigail Clancy,she's from somewhere in Liverpool if I wasn't mistaken where people speak with strong English accent.

Syafiq Muhammad.It is Katagh-jhii-naah