Oct 17, 2011


Girls.I realized one thing about them lately.I finally know not all of them really care about having a physically perfect boyfriend.

Perfect? Well,perfect is mainly about all of the dazzling elements that can impress everyone.Maybe we can say that it depends on individual since those criteria usually made by personal interest as different people come up with different thought but the real thing is perfection isn't as too different from what is used to be in girl's mind.

What is it? I can say most girls want a guy that have adorable face,six-packs abs,muscular body,170++cm tall and so many other common things that are so correctly expected by humans.Why girls love Robert Pattinson? Ashton Kutcher? Chace Crawford? Tyson Ritter? Do you really need to know why?

However,not all of the girls demand a hunky boyfriend in the first place.My perception towards girls only want a best looking boyfriend had already change since I stepped into university,where I met a lot of girls and asked them,what is the first thing you look from a guy? I can say that 7/10 of them answered personality.What? I thought being handsome is everything!

I even asked my girlfriend,

Me : What is the first thing about me that attracts you?
Rainbow : Your personality.Your look comes in second,where I consider it as bonus.
Me : Look? So,do you really think that I've got a look? Fuck,finally!
Rainbow : T_T

Guys believe what they see but girls believe what they hear.
Nothing is as true as this.