Oct 24, 2011


I just viewed a link,shared by a friend of mine.It was a video,titled Perempuan Gaduh di Kedai Kasut.Well,as usual,it was a bitch-fighting,nagging,yelling,slapping and it was boring actually.What impressed me the most is the comments about the video.

Yes,comments.There are thousands of them for sure.Almost 99% of the comments said something sounds like,'bodoh punya betina,pasal jantan pun nak gaduh,buat malu kaum hawa je. and 'Buat apa nak gaduh? Kalau nak batang sangat,sini hisap kote aku'.I admit,it was stupid.But do we really have to say such things to the person we don't even know? I'm not trying to be like an angel here but please imagine or put yourself in this situation -

You're walking alone in Tesco,searching for some groceries.Then,an unknown came into you and he/she suddenly saying things to you,and punch you in the face in the middle of crowd.What will you do? Standing there doing nothing like a dog? Or fighting back?

This is one of many examples.You don't know what is happening but you dare to insult? Why being such a judgemental? Swear to Lord,I'm not fucking defending all of those bitches who fight their asses off,I think they are being such an extreme bullshit instead,but I believe asking people to stop judging is similar to asking people to stop eating,they will never stop! The real one you should insult is the one who recorded all of the scenes,I mean like,what are they trying to do? Well,that is a real definition of public humiliation shame!

Sorry,if it was me,my fucking feet will immediately going down to their fucking throat.Hell to the people around,as long as I managed to smack them down.Let me finish the one that punched my face first,then I will go for the one who uploaded the video.


Syd Rahim said...

Agreed. I watched the video. I was laughing at it actually. They had no idea that someone is actually recording what they both did. -.-'

Think before act, people.

Kehoe Cheong said...

Couldn't agree more!