Oct 31, 2011


Do you know that Kim Kardashian is divorced? She has filed a divorce after just 72 days marriage to Kris Humphries.Do you know that the marriage cost about USD 18 million? It lasted for only a couple of month? What a waste,if only they donate it to needy one,would it be nice?

This makes me wonder,are they're being real? Whether you like it or not,the Kardashian family is the most overrated family in the world,they're being so dramatic and pathetic at the same time.Cheers for that.Keeping Up With The Kardashian is hilarious.Then,came The Kardashian which is okay.Then,came Khloe & Kourtney Take Miami,which is typically boring.Then,came Kim & Kourtney Take New York which is a brilliant bullshit.Then,came Khloe & Lamar which is I-am-so-done-with-it!

I think Kim's Fairytale Wedding is just another media strategies to maximize their profit.Actually,I don't get it why people love them so much? Especially Kim,Khloe and Kourtney? What did they do? They didn't do anything instead of cursing their own mother.They are being famous for nothing.

Poor you Kim K,you failed as a wife so many times.Wait a minutes,what is longer than your wedding? The answer is my penis.


Amie. said...

tau takpe ! semalam i was watching e! news, ada cerita pasal kim kardashians, & i was like, apa benda dorang ni boleh femes sangat ? pfft, oh yeah they're filthy rich & are making tonnes of shows on their personal life. truth is, i don't care really.

Adila Aj said...

Nice! hahaha thumbs upp

Amalina said...

hahah!you write like a girl with penis.btw, nice one.

Anonymous said...

mhmm, they should just pay for my fairytale wedding.

Kehoe Cheong said...

Amie.They are just being lucky.The only Kardashian member who works hard for fame is the late Robert Kardashian,their father.While Kim is making sex tape,but well at least she did something.Seriously,compared to them,Lady Gaga and Rebecca Black is more quality.

Adila Aj.Thank youuuuu Adila.Allah bless you.

Amalina.Well,I am totally mad.I think my sisters watching them for nothing,I don't know why they're so in love with The Kardashian,so called 'crazy family'.Happening much,huh?

Anita R.I'm sure your fairytale wedding is much more long lasting than Kim's.

PorcelainRed said...

Tell me about it. I was swearing every minute I was watching the bloody "Kim's fairytale wedding" show.