Jun 4, 2012


When BlackBerry once hit the market,I immediately bought a new BlackBerry 8520.I have been a very huge fan of BlackBerry smartphone,I even consider it as the unbeatable human invention.However,that doesn't even last for five months since I found BlackBerry is soooooo boring and soooooooo fragile.You've got what I mean,didn't you?

Not long after that,Android phones conquered the market.I immediately bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy S.I was so happy that I just bought an iPhone killer! I updated frequently and downloaded everything from Android Market.Hmmm,not long after that,I really wanted to see myself using Samsung Galaxy S2,Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7,HTC One X,Motorola Droid RAZR and even a Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 900!

Unfortunately,I don't know what's got into my body these past few months.I have lost interests towards social networks or Internet life since I have deleted my Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr and Foursquare.I don't see any relevance of I'm using any smartphones without all that stuffs.In short,I don't need a smartphone! I don't mind if I get that 'disconnected feeling' or people going to look at me like 'super-outdated kid'.

Yesterday,my father just bought this phone for me.I was like....Damn,I was dying to see myself using this phone before,but right now,I don't feel anything.So,I asked him to give the phone to my mother.

Kenapa dengan aku ni? Entahlah.Walaupun macam pelik,sebenarnya aku sangat bahagia sekarang.Kalau dulu,semua benda aku nak.Tapi sekarang,aku hanya mampu berkata "Lantak lah"...

Help me! Do you guys know what kind of disease I'm suffering from?


Ahmad Luqman said...

You're suffering from WTFX32. An infectious urban disease caused by excessive exposure to modern technology. The symptoms are getting obvious.

It is still very rare. Maybe you got it from your recent vacation in PD. Tourists were everywhere, yes?

However there's a cure! You'll need to poslaju anything that your father gives you — Samsung Galaxy SII, Blackberry, iPhones — just anything, straight to my mailbox. And everything will be fine.

P/s: Hurry, time's running out.

Anonymous said...

Dang it, I've been waiting for someone to post something about this and to actually read this from you, amuses me as hell. I thought I was the only one!

So to be honest, I used to be a twitter addict and I know you once are too (based on yr previous post). But now? Not anymore. I dont even care if I didnt update my followers or anything. The nearest social networking that can excite me these days is instagram, but still, boring!

I think this is normal though, I look at my parents and wonder why they've never feel as "technodict" as I was. But I'm glad I didnt have to rely on these stuff anymore, it actually relieves me. Haha

So, I dont know if you're really suffering any disease or not, but one thing I know is, you're not alone! Peace out.

p/s : And btw, I used to be a hardcore fan of your blog. I hope you recognise me bcs I used to tweet you about this and commented on a few posts. I wouldnt be an anon if I didnt delete my acct so yeah, blogging bores me too. Stay cool mindbuggling! Xo

Faridah MP said...

maybe you should sell it to anyone who interested with that things hahaha

Anonymous said...

Ok no wonder me kinda missing all those cool tweets or yrs. May you always be blessed with happiness outhere. Have a cheerful life ahead goblin! :)

Anonymous said...

of* pfft typoz

Kehoe Cheong said...

Ahmad Luqman.I love you!

Anonymous.Hey,if you don't mind,please introduce yourself because I know we could be very good friends! Let's go hang out and make the best of our life! our real life!

Faridah.Hmm,don't you think selling something your parents give is a little bit......(insert some WTF words here)

Niesa.Same goes to you Grinch.If you miss me,come visit Mindbuggling,hihihihi.Good luck in everything!

Anonymous said...

Of course I dont mind, I would love to tweet you and introduce myself! This place is way too public, dont you think?

Ayyman Rahim said...

Ahhhhh jealousssssssss!

Kehoe Cheong said...

Anonymous.Alaaaa I've got no Twitter.So how?

Ayyman Rahim.Every dog has its day.Hahahaha...Eleh,kau padahal dah ada iPhone 4 lagi

Nurul Hafizah said...

I would love to have this disease, trust me. :D