Jul 2, 2011


I maybe too late to post about this.Hmm,do you know who the hell is Rebecca Black?

I am just lazy to Google more about her,like seriously.Can somebody just tell me how she could get 160 million views on YouTube? When my sister asked me to listen to Friday,I was like,what is this shit? She sounds like The Nanny gone mad,which is so unethical to human ears.I hate the way she pronounced Friday,it makes me shiver,it makes me want to vomit.

Not just the song,but the video also is a brilliant bullshit.All of the scenes seem so wrong,mainly everything is wrong! The best part is when I hit the dislike button.Go watch the video by yourself,you will know why.

Let say if she's really come out with a new song featuring Justin Beiber soon,I think nothing is more terrifying than that.I can't imagine how many curse words come out from the people from all over the world.

Dear Rebecca,thanks for teaching me that Saturday comes after Friday.


dochi said...

hahaaa . dia well-known maybe after tumblr-ian making fool of her for a week .
then boom ! she get all those viewers .

Kehoe Cheong said...

You must agree one thing that,those Tumblr people are so good at making fun of other people,right? Hahahahah!