Nov 3, 2009

Bruno also didn't good at Mathematics

I'm dealing with my endless conflict,a simple word could describe all of it.It is MATHS.

I used to think Maths is a difficult subject.Therefore,I'm losing my interest.The only time I finished my Maths homework was on the first week of school session,it's a longgg time ago.Eventually,all of my classmates have 4 different kind of Maths's exercise books,while I owns only 1.I just don't felt like I'm going to do it.It's just beyond my level.So,I never pass my exam.

That's was my previous perception about Mathematics.Last week,in my Maths tuition class,Pn.Rashidah,my teacher said something that could open my fucking eyes wide,

"Mulai hari ini,Khalis ni anak angkat cikgu.Dia mesti dapat A dalam Matematik nanti..."

I was like,what the heck?She said that?Oh my lord,I'd better work up on it.You know what,it is amazing to have someone who still supporting you,eventhough they were knew that you are hopeless!

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