Nov 10, 2009

Do you think that I'm like the stupid boys out there,who deeply in love and super-obsessed with a human being named Megan Fox?

I am maybe out of date to post this,but who cares?

I've watched Jennifer's Body last night.Are you thinking that I'm going to say 'oh my fuckin god,it was the greatest movie ever!!' or 'damn,I wish Jennifer eat me alive!'?

Sorry,word 'okay' could describe the movie(sorry Megan's fan).I'm still relevant.Nothing impress me out like 'whoaaa!'.The movie's like kind of puntianak's story or something.It's all about revenge and unforgiven acts.
Apparently,there's certain scenes that made me really want to puke.Especially when she's vomiting tons of blood.My gut turn upside down that time.Hahaha.I am Hemophobic for your information.

Poor Needy,she lost her boyfriend because Jennifer ate him.Go to hell you maneater!However.she's got a sexy v-lines.I didn't know that.Eventhough this movie crap,I still think that Twilight is worstest among the all.I hope Jennifer will kill both Edward and drunk Bella.



this movie are totaly greats,okay?

Muhammad Khalis said...

I'm pretty sure you didn't watch Malay ghost movie.