Jun 18, 2010

Once upon a time ago,your mother is way chic than Madonna.

I really like my recent life.No school so there's no more homework.No job so don't have to sleep early because there is no more tiring day.It's so good if you can do what you want to do.I never felt this free before.

Yesterday,Esya found a lot of old clothes and shoes inside my mother's ancient cupboard that already placed in the store backyard for more than 20 years! Therefore,she decided to try out several clothes and here they are.

Funny,isn't it? I couldn't imagine my mother wear this outfit.I'm pretty sure you guys have seen your parents's photo albums when they were young,and so what's your immediate impression? Your father was so handsome with his long hair and tight ripped jeans while your mother was a very sexy,exactly with very bright red lips and smokey eyes wore a plain t-shirt with mom jeans.

It is so obvious that you have to listen to them in every aspects,fashion is included.No wonder old people always proud about their past times.