May 5, 2012


Once you've reached 20,your world will turn a little bit different.Well,all I can say is it's time to be serious with your life.You've got to set up your life-long mission starting from now,am I right?

One thing that I think is the popular issues among 20s kids is MARRIAGE.We all can see,from Facebook statuses and Tweets that people really want to get married in this stage.I don't know if they're just playing around but you just can't deny the desire to express your wants.

I have several friends who just engaged and married to their love ones.People are envious of them,so much.How come I didn't feel the same? To be frank,I'm not looking forward to be someone's husband in present.It's too early for me.I'm just 20 and I still have a long way to go.There's so much more I need to discover about strengths,weaknesses,capabilities and potentials before I get married to someone.

Let me remind you that marriage is not a love game.It is more than just cuddling,hugging,having sex and sleeping together.You're about to step yourself into the new world.As usual,things are easily said than done.

Before I want to get married,I will
  1. Send my parents to Haji
  2. Finish my degree or master.
  3. Work and earn my own money.
  4. Upgrade my house.
  5. Italy vacation with my family.
  6. Buy a car.
That's my goal.I'm going to complete all before I reached 30.Insyaallah,I will be someone's husband when I am 30 years old...Wow,only 10 years from now,how fast time flies.But,why 30? I don't know,I think I will achieve "What are you waiting for?" stage when I am completely stable in physical,mental and financial as well,that will be 30.


sharifahsyakila said...

I agree with you that we start thhnking when we're 20. but for girls, its way earlier than that and i dont thnk i cn marry at 30. :P I have to marry earlier. its great for guys. not for girls.

ocha said...

Im with you with this topic! Agreed!

Kehoe Cheong said...

Yeah..but actually 30 is just a number that I will consider as a perfect time for me to married to someone

Well,I guess everyone have their own numbers,right?

Khaleeqa Idrus said...
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Khaleeqa Idrus said...

It's that I do not want to think of getting married early but I have thought about it earlier during my adolescence so now it is time to earn slews of money, let myself hear the ka-ching and yeah, as well as educate my own self. My ex-boyfriend, Helmi, if you still remember me telling you about him, he told me that you could get married at this and that age as you wished but when the time came and hit you, you just had to it regardless of your financial instability. I guess he was right but everyone's experience mya differ from each other (:

Ayyman Rahim said...

Samaaa.. Dah start selalu dengar kawan cakap pasal nak kahwin semua, padahal sebelum ni pasal kahwin la paling segan. Haha.

Anonymous said...

im just 17.yet,my friends,who are 17 too,keeps talking bout this topic,kawen muda.aiyaa..they keep talking the type of girls they dream of,type of guys they like,wanna get marry a.s.a.p! im like...gosh!biar betik korang nihh...