Dec 6, 2010

Past remains as past.

I just opened my school yearbook.You know what type of book,didn't you? Mine was called Inspirasi,I know it sounds weird.It was last year session,which is my final year in the school.I was laughing my ass so bad when I saw those class photos because some of my friends gave a bizzare faces on those photos!

Especially when I turned into the pages where my class was on.Ohh,I really miss them because I never met most of them after school ends.I wonder what happened to them.When we were in high school,we made a lot of pinky promises like,
  1. Habis SPM ni,kita kerja nak? Kerja satu tempat lah senang,apa-apa hal boleh mengumpat.
  2. Lepas tu,kita sewa la rumah,duduk ramai-ramai,baru best!
  3. Nanti kalau nak buat driving license,inform lah aku,boleh buat sama-sama!
Well,like I mentioned just now,it was just a pinky promises.Back on that time,I knew it will not going to be happen but I kept myself silent because I don't have guts to ruining that so called precious moments.All of those promises didn't really happened,everyone just mind their own businesses including me.Well,I'm not surprised at all.

When I was in Form 2,I remembered my teacher,Mrs.Zarani said,

Zaman awak sekolah ni,awak semua hargailah dengan sebaik-baiknya.Sebab ia salah satu jangka masa yang paling seronok dalam hidup awak.Lepas habis sekolah,susah awak nak berkumpul sama-sama lagi.Percayalah cakap saya.

I never forget what she said and that's what I interpreted to my soul.Luckily,I managed to graduated in high school with bittersweet memories and of course I will remember the sweet one most.The place where I met myself,my bestfriends,and also my first girlfriend.

I learned it is important to live our current live to the fullest.I think,I appreciate every moments of my high school life.I'm not a drama king but seriously high school is more than high school to me.

p/s : Just finished watch Japanese drama,My Boss My Hero.That's why I'm feeling so in the school mood!


eqacashperlala said...

i missing my old schoolmates
we're hardly seeing each other now :(

Muhammad Khalis said...

Yes,me too.Luckily,there was Facebook,it connects people.

the beena's said... boss my hero..i pon baru abis tgk smlm.hahha..really miss school ayte? =)

Muhammad Khalis said...

Cerita tu best gila.Teringat zaman sekolah dulu.Dah masuk U ni rasa lain sikit.

sastraboy said...

asal pinky promises eh?

tanda feminin ke? haha.

Sesumpah said...

cerita tu best gila. yakuza haha

Ninaa Joyy said...

hahaa my boss my hero. its awesome !

Muhammad Khalis said...

Sastraboy.Please Google the real meaning of 'pinky promise' or 'pinky swear',it doesn't resemble both masculine or feminine.It's just a word.

Sesumpah and Ninaa Joy.I really enjoyed that drama,so outrageous and contains a lot of lessons,right?

Khaleeqa Idrus said...

BAPAK AH! Why haven't I missed my high school yet? I believe it's because my campus life now is way better than high school life. Too much dramas back then. Now, it's more to the reality :)

Muhammad Khalis said...

Dramas.Sometimes,we need those bad acting activities that make us think which episodes that take us to who we are right now.

HAIKAL said...

i just finished my SPM yesterday . Grr school time is the best :)

AnisZahra said...

Khaleeqa, i agree with you. I just love my campus life rather than high school life. My high school life's sucks. haha. why oh why..

Kehoe Cheong said...

Haikal.Congrats to you for feeling that way.But maybe you didn't enter any college or university yet.I still think school's the best!

Anis Zahra.Unlike you and Khaleeqa,my campus life was pretty suck,seriously.Maybe because this was my first sem.

Anonymous said...

my boss my hero always bring the school memories to me.i just dont know why. :D