Dec 4, 2010

I don't change,I just grow up.

Just got back home from meeting my friends.We were playing cards and stuff.In short,all of us just went through a very typical day and nothing was going on much.It's just another day.

When I arrived home,I don't know what to do and I just sat on the couch tuned on MTV channel.Suddenly,it was Keane with their song,Everybody's Changing! It used to be my favorite song before! That was the moment I thought to myself about all of the people around me and I realized they are not the same person as they were before.

My sister,the youngest one who is 11 years old already showed drastic changes.If I wasn't mistaken,she never care how she look likes before.She refused to wear make ups and all of her clothes were like,so Kikilala and stuff.Now,she completely had a massive transformations because she started to put on some make-ups,she wore tight jeans and high heels.She once wore a skirt,that was even worst! Damn,she looks older than she is. She didn't watch Pheneas and Ferb anymore because she's now so into those sluts of Kardashians.

I can feel that some of my friends are changing,into better or worst,I don't really care about it actually.Some of them went to college and turned into another person.They took drugs,alcohols,went to clubs and stuffs.While some went to work elsewhere,they already met new friends and finally forget all of the things.

To be frank,I don't blame them.In fact,I don't blame anyone.I guess I'm big enough to understand that nothing lasts forever.Sooner or later,time will change everything.Let's just don't expect something too much,otherwise it will be ended up with frustrations.

Everbody's Changing.This song resonates me very well because I used to be stuck in the past.I felt this song reminds me that I don't have to worry if everything is changing.I will find my own changes.I don't have to change what is good in me but throw away what is bad.I don't have to follow anyone else but I don't fight for the change itself.


Ninaa Joyy said...

Thats what we call maturity :)

Muhammad Khalis said...

Yes,absolutely true!

Read below said...

those sluts of kardashian, LOOOL. nice description btw.

Muhammad Khalis said...

Everybody in this entire world's know that.Nothing special about them,don't you think?

the beena's said... the part of those sluts from kardashians. anyways, i love this post. really..ppl do change and there's nothing we can do abt it. tht's how life work. just enjoy every precious lil time you have with them before they forget us.

anyway, thnx for reading my uninteresting blog.:) never tot ppl will enjoy reading it.haha

Muhammad Khalis said...

Agreed.We have to appreciate not just the past but also the present because we combine both,that's make who we are today.

Uninteresting? Your followers are hundreds,okay! HAHA

shafarshahril said...

nice thought

eqacashperlala said...

time passing by, people moving on.

perubahan itu harus untuk jadikan kita yang lebih baik. jika berubah jadi jahat sekalipun, kita akan belajar dari kesilapan itu. banyak ragam, banyak yang kita belajar :)

what important is, enjoy each second of your life :)

*thanks for dropping me a comment, i mean compliment. sumpah satu penghargaan :)

the beena's said...

haha! eh hello..its hundred...not hundredsss like yours.haha..

Muhammad Khalis said...

Hey,yours still increasing day by day right..haha.Followers aren't count,it's mainly about the content.HAHA.