Dec 1, 2010

If it wasn't because of your stupidity.

There are several hot issues lately that everyone is talking about.

Firstly,did you already watch a very stupid video on Facebook? I don't remember the title because someone tagged me on that shit and I was like,what the fuck? The extremely stupid girl who cried over a fugly guy and they ended up the video by kissing each other in front of public.If I wasn't mistaken,the title was Romantika di Kuala Lumpur.What a silly name?

Secondly,about the most famous doctor in the country which is the one and only Dr.Rozmey.I once visited his fanpage on Facebook or Twitter and I was rolling on the floor laughing reading all of the comments made by his 'fans'.Only one word came up in my mind whenever I saw his face,it spelled disaster.Everything is disaster about him,don't you think? His mushroom-shaped hair,his outrageous outfit like he bought in a bundle nearby and his meltdown movies which is said to be a phenomenon,but nothing is actually going to happen.

Like I said before on my previous post,I'm an observer of human stupidity.But,at certain times,I'm not quite sure whether it can be considered as stupid or not because when it comes to individual personals and interests,I guess it's better to shut our mouth and say nothing about it.

If you have a couple of things that might potentially lead to hatred and dissatisfaction which caused by my writings,I am so sorry.I'm a grown man and I don't have such fishy intentions pointing my fingers to anyone and I didn't wrote this blog to boycotting and condemning particular people.My blog contents stand for general phrases.

Whether you accept my apology or not,I don't give a fuck about it anymore,it's up to you.


Nej Jalidar said...

Well, those particular people are kinda stupid each in their own way. I can point out each and every stupidity about them (and the accomplice who video-ed those two idiots) but that would be from my opinion, people may agree or disagree (the said idiots would obviously disagree).

People have their own opinion and they should have one, or they wouldn't be human at all. But still we have to respect others' opinion. So there is nothing wrong about a person having an opinion. We just need to learn how to 'agree to disagree' I guess.

Muhammad Khalis said...

I think that is totally true! There is nothing wrong when people come up with some opinions or perspectives about something because it shows how productive their brains are when it comes to analyze particular issues.

Read below said...

LOL, you should watch that romantika what the shit video on youtube. This cool guy wrote a comment bout the video and he got the highest rated comment. haha