Dec 13, 2010

The confession of differences and variations

I used to envy those guys who really enjoyed playing guitar,skateboard,fixing bicycle,soccer,rugby and stuff.They even can write songs for their girlfriend! I mean,those activities which resemble any cool actions or mans world.

They seem to be perfect because they were pretty cool.You know,you can see those guys on most American teenage movies,want me to list down? It will takes forever.

The problem is,I think I'm 80% introvert.I enjoyed indoor activities most compared to the outdoor one because I thought it is more relaxing.Damn,when it comes to socialize,my life is all about extreme relaxation! Here are several activities I enjoyed most :
  1. Smoke.It's a very bad bad habit but I never went through a day without it.
  2. Karaoke.I sounds like a machine when I started to sing.No one cares actually.
  3. DVDs.I watched nearly three movies a night.I can't avoid it,until now.
  4. Games.You might think I'm a weirdo but I just finished playing my Pokemon Fire Red about last week.Lately,I'm working my ass off on Harvest Moon : Friends of Mineral Town.
  5. Write.I love to write something inspirational for myself.
  6. Draw.I love to draw something beyond my imagination.
  7. Blog.I love blogging but I'm not a constant blogger though.
  8. Cards.I'm addicted to it.I can spent eight hours a day on playing cards.
  9. Dream.I create my own alter ego and other characters inside my mind.
  10. Sleep.The best damn thing and the greatest gift of God.
See,there's nothing special about me.I was like your little brother.I was the least attractive guy compared to my friends or other guys.Girls will never look at me or fall in love with me,unless something is going wrong with their brains.People think what I need most is life,that was so mean.

Motherfuck,I do have a life and I don't give a damn if people called me lifeless.I can't deny it brings me no where physically but it brings me to somewhere far far far away to a level located in internal side of myself which can be spelled as satisfaction.I don't have to like the things that I dislike just to make myself more attractive in public eyes.I am not that desperate and I hate playing dramas.

I always said that I know I'm good at something but I just haven't found it yet.Well,I believe that.People born with different interests and that is where the ultimate word called variation came from.Being happy is my top priority.I will never be the old me again.The guy who didn't have any ability to appreciate himself just the way he are.


sasn said...

write a poem is much better than a song =)

Kehoe Cheong said...

Really? Do you ever wrote one?

sasn said...

Yess =)

s.u.h.a said...

i believe in that too.