Dec 9, 2010

Kamu semua ada bela binatang tak?

I once have a lot of pets.Squirrel,goldfish,tortoise,lizard and cat.I never bought them,they just came naturally to my house.At certain stages,I don't think I could be able to handle all of them.I believe animals can hear what you don't say.Therefore,
  1. My squirrel and tortoise were ran away maybe because they felt unwanted.HAHA.
  2. My goldfishes were dead.
  3. My lizard got killed by neighbor's cat.
All of those nonsense pets were my sister's idea.Damn,I dislike pets which I can't kiss or hug.I just can't feel their love.You know,like fish,they live underwater,they will never listen to what you say.Tortoise,they weren't friendly at all,always went inside their shells whenever I want to play with them.Squirrel,I don't blame them because I'm not a big fan of small hairball,I hate rats and their friends.Lizard,I don't have any idea what to do with them.

Cat! Cat was the only exception! I owns a cat.I called her Tommy.Wait a minute,the cat is a girl so what's up with her name? Tommy? I can explain this.I found her inside the store backyard when she was a baby,she was alone with no family.I felt pity so I decided to take her home.At that time,she's very petite,her gender was unidentified and I thought she was a boy.I just named her Tommy!

She's not very pretty compared to your cats,or other cats.She's black and she couldn't walk well because she's handicapped.Besides,she also got a sightness problem,I think she was half-blinded.She's not so friendly with people she didn't used to.But that doesn't affect my love towards her.She's 2.1 kg now.She eat a lot.She sleep a lot.Just like me.She slept with me every night and she's the one who woke me up the next day.Whenever I have problem and I need to talk to someone,I talked to Tommy.She's understanding,she maybe looks stupid and clueless but once I look deep inside her eyes,I can hear,

Be strong baby,I knew you can do it!

No one likes her,those kids hate her so much because they said Tommy was ugly.They used to hit Tommy with rackets when they were playing badminton in front of my house.I was like,you hit my cat,in front of my house? Not once,not twice but what?

Lepas tu mulut aku tak henti-henti bagi salam sayang cerca bernanah dekat budak-budak tu.Aku tak ambil peduli anak siapa,miskin ke kaya,anak emas ke anak yatim,aku sembur je.Ye lah,siapa tak marah,kucing tu dah aku anggap macam keluarga aku sendiri,boleh pula nak pukul-pukul.Celaka.

Berita sedih : Tommy dah tak virgin lagi.Aku ada video dia mengawan dengan kucing rumah sebelah,memang sakan!


AnisZahra said...

Aku paling benci orang pukul kucing. Haih. Btw, i have four adorable cats yang orang kata hodoh. -___-" who cares? i love my cats. :)

Nej Jalidar said...

I have only one cat since my mom only allowed one. Though ikutkan hati semua kucing dekat sekolah tu I nak bawa balik. Haha. My cat is an oversize-overweight-lazy-Garfield-kinda-type kitteyh -___-

Kehoe Cheong said...

AnisZahra.Tu la,bukan kucing diorang senang la cakap kan,cuba kalau orang kata kucing dia bodoh macam muka babi.Tahu pulak marah.Empat ekor? Banyaknyaaaaa..

Nej Jalidar.Sama lah,I kalau ikutkan hati,semua kucing dekat kedai mamak tu nak bela.I tahu kucing you macam mana? Sihat dan gemuk kan? I dah tengok dalam blog you dulu..

FS said...

Auwwww Salem pnya adik prempuan. Sama je macam aku punya tak comeh mana, harap berat je 7.9 kg. OMG kalau pijak kucing kau, habisss. Tapi tu yg bertakhta dekat hati :DD

Kehoe Cheong said...

Mak oii,beratnya kucing you anje...You kasi makan ayam Kenny Rogers ke

dhanial yahaya said...

hahaha, yup 7.9 kg. tapi pemalas gila, tidur 24 jam -.-

Kehoe Cheong said...

Tu jangan cakap la Dhanial,kucing aku yang kurus kering ni pun makan tidur makan tidur,kalah aku

Anita Roslan, said...

Sooo cute <3 poor kitty :(