Dec 12, 2010

Life Is All About Moving On

Just got back home from a long chat with a very good friend of mine,Ahmad Firdaus.We're not gossiping like two sluts nagging about something but it's more into manly conversation.I admit,every single time I met him,I always obtained a new lesson in my life.In other words,I really appreciate those moments I had.

As I grew older,I found it was difficult to meet someone who I can talk to mainly about everything.You know,I'm not the type of pathetic people who love to talk trash actually.

I miss all of my friends who used to be my brainwasher! I love to listen to their magical words.That was the only reason I really appreciated those so called guardian angels.Moreover,when a lot of really bad things happened to you and you just can't even swallow it anymore,that was the time you actually need those people.They calm you down,listen to your hectic problems and try to give a raw solution to help you.Please tell me,what could be more greater than that? God sent them to simplify our problems,to make our life much more easier.

But I realized,as times goes by,most of them just walk away from you and they went to meet someone because they think it's better to create a new storyline than live in an awful drama.I believe,friends walk away because they could walk away.I will not kiss their ass just to make them stay with me.When people walk away from you,just let them go because your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you.It's not that they are being mean to you.It's just their chapter in your life is over.

I don't want to live in a fantasy.I don't want to be a fool.I don't want to be influenced by those fairytale stories because they don't even exists.I'm sick of expect something beyond the ugly truth.I just want to keep it real.