Dec 30, 2011


I can't believe that 2011 is going to end,very soon.Wow,time flies really fast,I don't even realized it passed by.See the post title? People of The Year? It sounds over the edge right? Who cares.I'm going to list all of those people who I just met this year but managed to make me feel like I have known them forever.This is going to be a a very long post.You better scroll it to the bottom,okay?

Nur Syuhaida
She changed me,completely,inside out.I never thought it was her! Well,that was life,full with surprises.I used to be a cracked egg,but she turned me into the golden one.It happened so fast,so sudden.Until this moment,half part of my life still can't believe this.Dramatic much,huh? I love you,Rainbow

Wan Ahmad Fareez
He was probably the closest human being I have ever encountered with.He was my roommate,the bestfriend,oopps,brother! This might sounds gay but we shared everything,stories,experiences,problems,clothes,foods,you name it.Wow,I miss you!

Muhammad Farhan & Myra Shariffudin
Let me introduce you to my parents.Yes,they have been a very good parents to me and Fareez.Especially,my father,Farhan...don't be too excited if you read this but you are among the coolest people have I ever knew,seriously.So unpredictable and adventureous! Ohh,my mother,Myra,she was weird,but I like her.Her laugh can travel a thousand miles,it was so loud! Damn,I had a lot of blast altogether with them,a lot!

Adik sayang emak dengan ayah sangat-sangat...*muntah darah!

Syafiq Muhammad
Wow! I knew him since last year,but we're getting close started from this year.Listen,he was the most funny,outgoing,outrageous and hilarious creature ever! I never met someone like him before.He was like electricity,he generated everything into something that can be laughed off like there's no tomorrow! I don't know how to thank him,for making my life full with endless laugh and maximum enjoyment! Sugar sugar sugar!

Hazim Yusof
He was my classmate.I knew him since I was in Part 1,then we're getting closer day by day.Well,I always envied him for so many reasons! Hahaha.First,he was so hardworking! Second,he was so good-looking! Third,he was so popular! I am so sure you guys who own Twitter account out there know him well,right?

Syed Abdullah
He was the most handsome friend of mine.Don't be fooled by his innocent puppy eyes,he was a very athletic for your information.No wonder every girls were dying to be with him.We're hang out a lot,talked a lot,laugh a lot,I hope everything will remain awesome as ever

Mohammad Ridzuan
He was my own Ipman,but with his own trilogy! He was my roommate since three semesters ago,it's been a long time I have spent my life with this guy! He was super-funny,he usually said ridiculous things but never failed to make me burst out laughing! We were so close,yeah,I don't want to lose someone that is so cool like him.

Actually,I have so many other people to be listed down here.I'm not saying that only these people were actually there in my life throughout the time but these are the people who play major roles which make them massive characters in this entire year.Who changed me.Who created me.Who never failed to make me feel like I actually have a good life!


Ajim Yusof said...

Hahahaahha handsome nyaaa gambar akuuu.
Well, I've never expected that you'll post something about me hahaha.
Thank you for such a sweet description about me -___-
This may be sounds poyo nak mampus, but I hope our friendship will long last, Amin. Happy New Year!

Kehoe Cheong said...

Tu laaa ramai bebeno cakap kau handsome..

Syafiq Isme said...

Thanks khalis.Woahhhh,u're coo cweet my pwendd hahaha! and yeah, u're my bestfriend, my BESTFRIEND ever!! :') listen, as long as you treat me nice, i'll do treat you better KAHKAHKAH. Jokes, I'll do treat u nice no matter how bad u did to me hihihi. Whatever it is, i realy hope that the memory of our friendship will be everlasting. Thanks again khalis, i love you :')

Kehoe Cheong said...

kalis saranghae
-fareez amir