Dec 5, 2011


Have you heard about Yue Yue? Yes,that unfortunate two-years old girl that hit by a car twice and being ignored by 18 people in China? I'm pretty sure that all of you have watched the video right?

I watched it,emotionally.I cursed for about thousand times during watched it.Yes,I was and am mad.She was ran over,two times,and surprisingly the people around just don't give a fucking fuck at all.There were 18 people passing and they did nothing,like fucking what? That was just unbelievably pathetic!

I thought the civilization develops current in line with those modern technology,fast-rising economy and skyscraper buildings,but I was clearly mistaken.I don't want to go there.I don't want to live there.I don't want to step on my feet to disgraceful land of China.It must be really awkward and strange,when you have to live there with those selfishly bastards and insecure piece of shits.

Serves you right China,people all over the world now underestimating you.Fuck you,for really show me what is the real definition of disappearence of humanity values that people always talked about.Now I have seen it! Fuck you,stupid communist.

Dear Yue Yue,I believe that you're now in a better place.God took you away because He doesn't want you to live in that awful place with ugly society.

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Fatimah Ali said...

we are living in a very disturbing society.