Dec 1, 2011


This is the truth.I can resist anything,almost anything.Except my temptation,towards food.I don't care if my life is suck,pathetic,hopeless and miserable,all I care is I want to swallow good foods! Because I know,good food will give you good feeling,right? It better be good,or I don't take it at all,that's me.

Hmm,talking about food,don't you think Kelantanese cuisine are delightful? I don't know,I don't say other state's local cuisines aren't awesome but there is something different about Kelantanese one.Lately,I have a sudden addiction towards these two.

This maybe sounds overreact but Nasi Dagang is one of the most mouth-watering dishes ever! The rice is so sticky and creamy,matches the fish curry and those colorful vegetables as well.I ate it every Tuesday,I bought it at pasar malam.

I thought it was Kuey Teow at first,but then,I knew that Laksam is a legend.Damn you,my tongue,my throat,my tummy,they were all really welcomed you,Laksam! By just saying your name,I feel like I'm cute! Lak-sam...Eeee,annoying.

Both of them aren't going to cost you much,seriously.I mean,you don't have to spend or waste your money to taste deliciousness because quality isn't relies on price.You know,I'm getting bored of unhealthy consumption of fast food.


najwAziz said...

Nasir dagang actually terengganu's dish not kelantan. But as a kelantanese, I'm happy that u like them :) yummmeyhhh

nrzmfz said...

Naah, I dont like Laksam. It havent taste it yet but it looks like Laksam doesnt really suit my touge, my tummy and my throat. But Nasi Dagang is superb! Delicious much! I love it too. :)

kak ude said...

both really deliciouss..umppp..but that food cnnot be found in sad

_ said...

Since when Nasi Dagang is Terengganu's dish ? Have u any proof ? Who says so ? Only bcoz the Terengganu ppl are far better in promoting Nasi Dagang, doesnt mean that the dish came from there !

I dare say that Nasi Dagang originated from Kelantan bcoz Kelantan was the main producer of rice in the East Coast. Ppl in Kelantan take full course of rice at least, three meals a day. Thus to simply say that Nasi Dagang originated from Terengganu, when Kelantanese eat more rice than their neighbour to the South, is something "sangat tak kena" ...

The truth is, Kelantanese Nasi Dagang is unique in its own right that the rice used is totally different than that used in Terengganu. Even the gulai ikan tongkol is prepared differently. The Kelantanese version is turmeric based, with the fish cooked with the gulai while in Terengganu, the gulai is "plain curry" with the fish cooked separately (boiled?). The rice used in Terengganu is normal plain rice while the Kelantanese Nasi Dagang used semi-polished rice, much higher in quality and price and tastes better.

Kehoe Cheong said...

najwAziz.Sorry for that mistake,I don't know that.Anyway,thanks for the information.Hmmm,but I used to eat Nasi Dagang here in my place.It's called Nasi Dagang Kelantan.So,I assumed it Kelantanese dish since it's called Nasi Dagang Kelantan.

nrzmfz.Laksam is so milky,creamy and yummy! I do understand when certain people just can't eat Laksam,maybe they are not a big fan of coconut-milk-based food themselves,who knows,right? Yeahh,Nasi Dagang ftw!

kak ude.I'm sure Kuching has mo much other things to offer you,right?

Hello _.Wow,why you're so mad? It's just,whether it belongs to Kelantan or Terengganu,if it is delicious,aku ngapp jee.I'm sure both states have their own ways to make Nasi Dagang,right?But again,thank you for your information.

omi jjuni said...

laksam bukan makanan johor ke?