Dec 26, 2011


Do you? Well,if you're in the same age range as me,which is born in the early 90s,not knowing what the hell is Bahasa F is a law-breaking act of teenage life.Hahaha,kidding!

I first heard about this fucking odd language when I was in Standard 2...When a girl,a classmate of mine,I didn't remember her name,said to me,

" Khafalifis sifihatfat? Mafamcamfam defemamfam jefe?

I was a little bit sick that time,if I wasn't mistaken.I was like,get off from my fucking face you female dog! But at the same time,I wondered,what was the language that came out from her mouth? Then,asked her.She said it was Bahasa F.Later after that,she took a piece of paper and taught me everything about it.

When I was mastering that language,I used Bahasa F a lot with my friends.Seriously,I felt so much like Russian spy who knows all the secret codes.Besides,not all people understood the conversation,since not all have that interest to use Bahasa F.Yeah,I miss my old times! A lot!

Mafacamfam mafanafa defenganfan afawakfak sefemuafa? Bofolehfeh kefe cafakapfap defenganfan Bahafahasafa Fe? <-- Thumbs up if you understand this!


Amie. said...

faham2 ! my cousins taught me bahasa F. heuheu.

nrzmfz said...

*thumbs up*

Haha, betul2. Budak perempuan suka guna bahasa F ni time sekolah rendah dulu. Ususally they used this language utk gossip2 / kutuk2 org secara rahsia sesama mereka.

miss my old friends :')

najwAziz said...

*thumbs up* ahaha, tak pernah belajar pun i can understand the words u're trying to say :)

Haziq Zainal said...

Cepat ajar! Nak belajar balik~

amira said...

back in my days i have bahasa M
similar to this only that F ganti dengan m.

kak ude said...

use BI to BAHASA F..awkward maybe?

ili ajeerah said...