Sep 12, 2009

Come on over baby!

I've just read my girl's blog,latest post said that she don't want a baby!I'm mad about it.Once you married to me,you must give me at least 7 kids!
Yes,I want 7!
I love kids.They're extremely cute.I want to hug them,I want they call me Daddy,I'll buy a lot of Ben 10 and Barbie for them!Of course Niesa and I will be the second Jon and Kate.they have 8,I think 7 would be enough,or maybe 10?
Habis la kau Niesa...


Khaleeqa; said...

HAHA! 7 seems to be so many. Igt bakal bini kau tu kilang ape? Haha :D But having lots of children would be great! I'm wishing for it too.

Muhammad Khalis said...

7 not so many.70 is many.