Sep 15, 2009

There's a limitation in everything

You make a fool of yourself when you're crossing the line.

What's wrong with you guys?Grow up dickhead!Can't you live without bring others down?If your answer is No,you're totally a bastard.Your mom having a sex with a dog,didn't she?.Lol.

Move on people,do not bother other's life.Just mind yours,it would be pleasure if you just do your work.Didn't your parents teach you anything?You're so cranky and annoying.I've heard a lots.I'm sick of it.Didn't you have nothing to do?

Envious or jealousy always occurs in their life.Usually,when they're felt threatened or intimidated by someone based on certain factors,they will start to make up stories.The stories was quite horrible and shocking but it doesn't make sense.Of course,it comes out from their stupid brain.I'm not quite sure if they have one.Idiot.Who they think they are?Chuck Bass?Edie Britt?

I'm not pick up a fight with these type of people.It will make me look low-class,shameful and have no dignity like they used to be.They were so stupid,even I can't describe it in words!Anak haram,biasa la tu...

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