Aug 27, 2009

Sasori No Danna!

Why Sasori have to die?

He's the first Akatsuki who died!What?He died in a hand of an old hag and a stupid girl.Do you think it was possible for me to accept this.He killed the Third Kazekage (most strongest in history) but died so early?

Sasori supposed live longer because he had plenty more skills needed to be shown,even Deidara admit Sasori was stronger than him.This is so unfair.Why did he chose to dead in Chiyo's hand?I have knew it,he could kill those two just in a wink but I didn't know why he played around with them.Sasori chose death.Therefore,I assumed he kill himself.

I don't know since when I started being a fan of Sasori.If I wasn't mistaken,since the day I viewed about his past where his parent left him for a mission but soon killed by Hatake Sakumo.It was so painful,it's like waiting for someone who never showed up but still hoping they will back to your life.

I myself consider him as a strongest Akatsuki member.Well,I am his fan,but I'm not obsessed with him.Here's my rank from the strongest to the weakest Akatsuki member.
  1. Tobi
  2. Pein
  3. Itachi
  4. Sasori
  5. Orochimaru
  6. Kisame
  7. Deidara
  8. Kakuzu
  9. Hidan
  10. Zetsu
Naruto is getting so much WWE alike.Apparently,all cool evil guys get pawned by the good one.Yes,for making kids happy.


aliya. said...

ye.aku dak SAAS.

meeyamee said...

you, HyoYeon tu yg mane satu? haha :D