Nov 19, 2010

I'm delusional,I'm delusional and I'm losing my mind!

I'm growing up like a normal human.I admit that time hasn't affected me physically,completely.It only bothering my fucking head because a lot of things playing around in my brain.There are so many stuffs needed to think about as we grew older,aren't we?

Actually,I don't understand about the phenomena between human and drugs.Firstly,it's not that I condemning people who take drugs because I have friends who take it as well.The gravity of situation here is,I met a lot of drug-addicted people in my precious eighteen years of my life and if I had a conversations,mainly about drugs with those people...

I just wondering why they praising and worshipping the effects of each drugs in the first place like it was the potion of life.They told that if they had ice,it will make them sleepless and their body will become hundred times more productive.Furthermore,they managed to complete their unfinished assignments or homeworks and so on without feeling any exhaustion.So as the other types,most of them used when one is tired of feeling tension and frustration,need something new in their life or search for extreme enjoyment.Sounds pretty cool,huh?

Then,they are pretending like they so fucking care about me as they asking me don't take this because it's dangerous,don't take that because it's harmful.Otherwise,you will going to end your life like me,they said.I just want to ROFL seriously! After that,they told me how pathetic their life because of tremendous weight loss,vomiting,loss of appertite,hallucination and blah..blah..blah...which is doesn't related in whichever circumstances of the things came out from their mouth in the first place.

HAHA,you guys are being so unfair to me! You makes it sounds tempting and desiring but you inconsiderately chop off those sensations in the end.

How sweet of you,it means you care about me,right? Enough to know that! Damn,you know I'm a nice boy and for God sake I will never touch those stuffs eventhough I really want it as I want to lick Megan Fox's tits!