Jan 21, 2010

Like a virgin,touched for a very first time.

Is virginity important and how old were you ,when you lost it?

A virgin is a woman who has never had sexual intercourse.Virginity is the state of being a virgin. It is derived from the Latin virgo, which means "sexually inexperienced woman", used typically of adolescents, but also of older women, and even goddesses.

I'm a Virgo-horoscoped,so obviously I'm still a virgin.Hahahaha.

Due to my perspective,when it comes to virginity,it is not a simple issue.Some of you take this way easier than I do but raised in a Malay cultured family,I do think virginity is important.Okay,maybe not today or tomorrow,most probably 10 years from now,I will experienced the importance of virginity itself.I can't wait!

So,are you guys have found a right guy to having sex with?If you do,come on,you're only a girl and you know nothing about life.We were guys,we loves to eat and having sex,that's all.Hahaha.Furtermore,guys nowadays have their own secret motives and only using you for sex!

The loss of virginity can be viewed as...Hmm...Don't you feel bad about it?

Just like you,I'm a human.I have my imperfection side.Sometimes,I do think virginity is not a matter at all.I'm not an ortodox guy.I can accept people,as long they can accept me.I know some other people do not willing to give their virginity away,or maybe they have repent to God.Everyone's deserves a second chance.

Pandai-pandai lah jaga pantat ye.