Jan 18, 2010

How now brown cow?

Please! This is real.I would like to share this kind of thing with you guys,especially boys.

This ain't happened to me,but I do learn from other's experiences.Thus,it ended up with this conclusion.

  1. Don't easily fall in love with a girl.
  2. Don't be fooled by a girl.
  3. Don't blow away your friends just because of a girl.
  4. Don't ever put your girlfriend in a first place,it should be your MOTHER.
  5. Don't spend too much $$$$ for a girl.
I'm not saying that all the girls are same.But it is tremendously hard to differentiate between good and bad nowadays,right?I'm just take this as a lesson.

Am I having problem with my girlfriend and that's why I wrote this?My answer is no.My relationship just fine and it keeps getting better I guess.But trust me,I have witnessed a lot of love went wrong acts.It was so devistating and torturing.


azhar ariffin said...

i agree...haha

Imn said...

Am i thinking what you're thinking ?

Nur Farah said...

so? err tp yang number 5 tuh aku tak setuju.

GOBLIN said...

Tu semua kena setuju,sekarang perempuan bukan je PISAU CUKUR,malah ada yg dah jadi PENOREH GETAH!

Nur Farah said...

no way man. i dun agree with tht. mrh ni -,-' haha