Feb 10, 2016


never really wanted to be one of those who spent a lot for appearence. Especially skincare! Then, one day, I looked into the mirror & thought to myself


I haven't used any skincare product since the last six months. I have to admit, I have trust issues with all the skincare products in drugstores. My skin condition is not that bad, I have a little scars here and there with some acnes. But still, instead of trying new products based on people's opinion or reference, I decided to go to specialist for consultation. I promised myself that I must be working and earning every month before I settled down purchasing any skincare product. I was in a dilemma at first, should I really spend so much on it? Is it really worthit?
I feel like wasting la, then how? But then I came to think about all of my money that I have spent on toys, foods, movie tickets, ok I shouldn't berkira dengan muka sendiri. Pendek kata, memang plan nak beli yang berbaloi terus la.

started to search for the best solution for my skin problems. Planned to go for some real specialists but since I was on a very tight budget, I better calm my own tits this time. Went to The Face Shop, Etude House and Skinfood but all of them were not convincing enough.

Finally, I went to Kiehl's at Pavilion, they did some oil and acne test on my face, presented the products to use and quoted the price for all.

RM200+ for two skincare products is quite EXPENSIVE! Gulp! But since it lasts for another 6 months, I think it is quite ok.

I don't know, since I was earning, I tend to pay more attention on how I look, lately. I don't know whether it is a part of growing up or I'm just literally in a culture shock state! 

Ye la, baru dapat kerja tetap, baru dapat merasa gaji bulan bulan.. Hehehe.

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Nejj said...

Hahah I was just thinking of doing an acne-related entry! Good luck with Kiehl's!