Nov 30, 2014


I love salmon. I really really really love salmon. I'm talking about the raw one. I just love that weird slimy taste melt inside my mouth. It is the bestest feeling ever! Can we like, recommending places where they serve the best raw salmon?

Salmon Lover
This is not a typical cheap sushi. I don't know, but Aeon is making a very tasteful sushi actually. It is a riceball coated with salmon slice and the mayonaise on the top is just like cherry on a cake. If I wasn't mistaken, it is RM11.90. I usually bought them after 9pm, 30% less so I can get two or three of them!

Salmon Rice (wtf Idk what is called in Japs)
If eating salmon slices don't get you full, you can try this salmon rice at Sushi Tei. It is a bowl of rice with salmon slices on the top. Besides, it also comes with little salmon eggs that will pop out inside your mouth. It comes with two sizes, small (RM12.90) and large (RM18.90). It is my favorite dish whenever I went to have sushi.

Salmon Set (wtf I still can't remember the name in Japanese)
I know Sushi King is a little overrated but how can you say no to this dish? This is like my everything at the moment. It is only RM19.90. It is a set actually, completed with a bowl of rice, miso soup, soy sauce, deep fried sweet potato, eggplant, tempura prawn and of course very fat salmon slices! 

Smoked Salmon Slices
Or when you feel like you don't want to have salmon but you kinda want to, this is the perfect choise. It is a smoked salmon slices with tiny drops of lemon juice. One of the most delicious food I ever had. However, the portion is just too small for me. Yes, it is an add-on, what do I expect duh. Oh, it is RM11.90 at Jibby & Co.

Those who haven't tried, go try once. It is never too late to try anything. You only live once, remember? And those who have tried but still can't digest it, screw you!


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dude, u should buy a huge chunk (tebal gila) of salmon fillet ada jual kat Tesco

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buat lapa je la

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I've tried once at a japanese restaurant i cant remember the name but it is located at one city skypark