Jan 19, 2012


This happened to me,lately and frequently.One day,I have decided to jogging alone,simply because those friends who are used to jog with me past semesters have classes during evening,since we were all not in the same courses.

Then,the moment when I started to jog....People around gave me this kind of look.....

They were staring at me like,Kenapa dia sorang-sorang? Mana kawan-kawan dia..Hmm,something like that! Some more,Loser lah sial mamat tu,forever a loner! Even worse,Dia ni mesti perangai macam sial,sebab tu takde siapa nak kawan dengan dia....

I admit,I have mixed up well with the society.I have established a warm relationship with so many people.Just like you,I have friends,here and there.Not saying,I'm lovable by them,but I know my friends are way more larger in amount compared to my enemies.

At certain stages,an unpleasant feeling dropped by for a while and I suddenly thought that I need to be alone.I repeat,I need time to be alone.I need think to myself without any distractions.I need to detect what is my problems.I need to explore why I am so fucked up.I need to jog at least two rounds in order to get my Jared Leto's body.

Yeah,I need to be alone,for so fucking many reasons!

To be honest,I don't give a damn that much actually.People can think whatever they want,and I will remain as cool as ever! Moreover,heroes are mostly loners,just think of Spiderman...Sexy sexy! Well,any of you experienced this?

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amira said...

oh i definitely have.
to the heck with it i actually like to be alone. most of the time.
"insert some quote by Nietzsche here"